#16. Karaoke Night

I love having karaoke sessions…..when I’m alone….in my house. #16 on My Adventure List was to have a Karaoke Night. I went to karaoke at Applebees a couple months ago but didn’t get the courage to actually sing anything. I thought this night would be the same thing but after a few drinks I had enough courage to sign up! I thought of a song I knew and wouldn’t require great vocals as I’m not a very good singer, so…I went with Juicy by Notorious B.I.G. Haha! I was much more nervous that I thought I would be. I was griping the mic super tight, my mouth was so dry and I felt myself shaking a bit but I was so proud of myself for actually going through with it. I had a friend record a few bits so I’d have actual proof I did this. I’m actually hoping to do it again. I dunno, we’ll see. Either way this little adventure has been crossed off my list. 🙂

IMG_3219 IMG_3266 IMG_3269 IMG_3276 IMG_3287

Til next time,
♥ Karla


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